The Outlook for Life 12 Week Shred

 The shred includes exercise plans, food plans and a weekly check-in for motivation and accountability. Don't miss out.

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I am inviting you to join me on my personal shred. 

My goal is to gain muscle and lose fat%

We did this last year and had some life-changing results.

I would love your company this time around.


The shred includes exercise plans, food plans and a weekly check in for motivation and accountability.

Reserve your spot now for just $247 and get into the best shape of your life! 


This is the exact program that I use for my Competition Prep!



My 12 week shred:

Weekly Training Plans

Lose between 7kg and 10kg of body fat. You wil be following the same exercise program as I am. Designed for my 61 year old body!

Weekly Food Plans

A gradual process that strips the body of fat. Meal by meal, week by week. On a wholefood plant based diet plan.

Get into your best shape

Even if you have no desire to step on stage, you can get the look and feel great.

Train with me

Be a part of my inner circle. We will be eating together, training together and sharing the journey.

A Note from Ginny...


Every competition prep was different for me. I did 2 shows in my 60's and 2 shows as a plant-based athlete and I have learnt so much about myself physically and emotionally in the process. Although I have decided to no longer compete I can't wait to see what I can achieve this year. I am inviting a small group to come on this journey with me. If you would like to come along for the ride, gain muscle and lose fat I would love you to join me.  Reserve your place below.

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Julie Wilcox

"I love these shred programs!" 

 Last year I got down to 17% body fat and couldn't believe how good I felt! I will definitely be doing it again. I was able to adapt the program for my own body and loved every minute of it!

Bring it on!

Let's get shredded!

The 12 week shred- limited spaces available first come first served!

$247 NZD

one off payment


  • Weekly check-in with live Q&A's 
  • Private Facebook group
  •  Training plans 
  • Training videos
  • Weekly Food plans
  • Recipes
  • Real-time advice