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Learn how to transform your body using a wholefood plant based or flexitarian diet designed to blitz middle - aged spread. Watch the ripple effect as your family become healthier too!


Learn how to use strength training to sculpt a lean and strong body. Use the right training for your age to keep the weight off forever. Muscle is your anti - ageing hero!

Strong women stay young!


When it comes to creating long lasting change a positive mental attitude is key.

Change your mindset, regain your confidence and self esteem.

Learn how to change your relationship with both food and yourself!

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4-Week Plant-Based Weight Loss Plan

 All the work has been done for you including recipes, portion sizes, and shopping lists. You should expect to lose at least 5 kgs & gain the benefits of eating a plant-based diet.

Only $49.50


Thrive Monthly Membership

Monthly Motivation with food plans, recipes, nutrition facts & product reviews. Exercise plans with work out videos & training tips. Thrive is your monthly health, fitness, & wellness magazine.

Only $29.99 per month


The 8 Week Summer Shred

Get ready for summer with this 8 week summer shred program. Designed to get you insane results with Weekly Workouts, Food Plans, and Mindset Sessions.

Only $247 or 8 Weekly Payments of $32.


Meet Ginny

I teach women in their mid-years the action steps that they need to take to build strong, lean, and healthy bodies and minds. I use whole food plant-based nutrition, strength training, and mindset to achieve amazing transformations.

I have been a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach for over 20 years.

I have studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. 

My absolute passion is helping women like you to regain their confidence, self-esteem, and figures.

You can absolutely be lean and healthy and have your best body ever, over the age of 40 because,

"Strong women stay young".


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