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Learn how to lose weight and keep it off using real food backed by the latest studies. Shift those extra mid-life kilos and live an active healthy life. 


Learn how to use strength training to sculpt a lean and strong body. Use the right training for your age to keep the weight off forever. Muscle is your anti-aging hero!

Strong women stay young!


When it comes to creating long-lasting change controlling your mindset is key.

Change your mindset, regain your confidence, and self-esteem.

Learn strategies to change your relationship with food and yourself!

Vanessa Evans

Thanks to Ginny at Outlook for Life I found a new lease of life at 56. Over the last two years with the guidance and support of Ginny I have transformed myself from being an overweight, unfit, over-drinker. I have gone from 72.5 kgs to 59.2kg. My body fat has reduced by 10% and lean mass has increased. In the last two years, I have competed in 8 half marathons and numerous 10 km distance events.
I love going to the gym and have made training with weights my friend! It’s so rewarding to see the results and be OK looking in the mirror and liking what you see (yep, even the nana bingo wings have gone and it’s OK to show off bare arms now). I have so much more energy and strength and show up my 20-year-old daughter.
I couldn’t have done any of this if it wasn’t for Ginny – she has been with me every step of my journey, ...she is such an amazing motivator. Don’t use the excuse of not being able to get and see her as she has amazing online programs and you get the support from the whole group who are on the program with you. You don't have to be a gym person so don’t let that hold you back…
Thanks, Ginny – my life would have been very negatively different if I hadn’t discovered Outlook for Life 😊

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4-Week Plant-Based Weight Loss Plan

 All the work has been done for you including recipes, portion sizes, and shopping lists. You should expect to lose at least 5 kgs & gain the benefits of eating a plant-based diet.

Only $49.50


Thrive Monthly Membership

Monthly Motivation with food plans, recipes, nutrition facts & product reviews. Exercise plans with work out videos & training tips. Thrive is your monthly health, fitness, & wellness magazine.

Only $29.99 per month


Mindset & Motivation Module 1  February 2021

This is our signature course at Outlook for Life. We've had some amazing results and wonderful feedback from our current members and will be re-opening for a new round of participants in February 2021. 


Meet Ginny

I teach women in their mid-years the action steps that they need to take to build strong, lean, and healthy bodies and minds. I use whole food plant-based nutrition, strength training, and mindset to achieve amazing transformations.

I have been a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach for over 20 years.

I have studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. 

My absolute passion is helping women like you to regain their confidence, self-esteem, and figures.

You can absolutely be lean and healthy and have your best body ever, over the age of 40 because,

"Strong women stay young".


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